Debug tools stonehearth

Debug tools stonehearth

In the local mods list, check the box for debugtools click on quit to main menu, and accept to reload so that the changes will take place.

There are some extra things you can do if you enable the debug keys. Json at the same level than your userid (make sure to add commas where needed) enabledebugkeys true you will see more options in the controls tab of the in-game settings under the debug group.

For any item to be spawned from the base game type first stonehearth (for mods the name of the mod). This will give you a total string of stonehearthdecorationwoodenwalllantern make sure the checkbox for icontic is checked. This makes sure you place an item the hearthlings can pickup and place.

How about adding the debug tools to the game upon installation? Why not just have it already installed? In the options panel you could add a check box (default unchecked) to ask if you want to run the game with the debug tools. Plus if you ever update the tools everybody would be up to date, every update (one less thing to search for).

You can use this to perform a variety of different functions. Command list help - prints out all the registered console commands.

Also pictured debug tools, top right-hand corner these keyboard shortcuts are for stonehearth alpha 21 and may change in future updates. With the latest update to alpha 21, users can now rebind their hotkeys! Instructions and example on how to rebind keys from a text editor are located at the bottom of this page.

Just type stonehearthdecorationswoodenwalllantern and select iconic. Now you can place as many wall lanterns as you want in their undeployed form.

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Debug tools stonehearth

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