Davinci 16 autosave

Davinci 16 autosave

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  want to automatically save in davinci resolve while youre working on your project? Thats right, no more cmd s while youre working, let davinci resolve.

  in this tutorial, ill be showing you how you could enable auto-save or live save feature inside davinci resolve.

Theos autosave got turned off and it lead to some serous heart ache.

Older versions of davinci resolve had a auto save that would run in time increments. The new auto save is done after every action and is called live save. Live save will save to the project you are currently working on opposed to making new versions. To enable live save click on davinci resolve in the top left preferences user project save and load.

  enable auto save and how to backup projects and load backups.

  setting up auto-save in davinci resolve 12 and demonstrating how to retrieve a crashed project.

  ever wonder - where does davinci resolve 16 save files? I get this questions often, so in this video i break it down and show you the several locations wher.

  knowing how to load project backups in davinci resolve can help save your projects if davinci resolve crashes on you. Weve all been there, the program crashes and you think youve lost all your work. Thankfully davinci resolve can backup your file automatically.

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Davinci 16 autosave

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