Cusco tourist ticket boleto turistico

Cusco tourist ticket boleto turistico

This ticket allows entry to 16 places of touristic interest found in the city of cusco, adjacent places and nearby valleys, such as the southern valley and the sacred valley of the incas.

  the boleto turstico del cusco is distributed by the comite de servicios integrados turistico culturales cusco (cosituc). You can buy your ticket from the cosituc office and tourist information place on avenida el sol 103 as well as select tourist offices or authorized travel agencies.

The boleto turistico or cusco tourist ticket is a paid ticket that allows you admission to many of the most popular attractions in cusco and the surrounding region including archaeological sites and museums.

The cusco tourist ticket officially called boleto turistico del cusco, is a ticket which allows you to gain entrance to 16 attractions in and around cusco and the sacred valley.

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Cusco tourist ticket boleto turistico

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Cusco tourist ticket boleto turistico

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