Cross save rocket league

Cross save rocket league

  rocket leagues cross-platform progression is made possible with an epic games account. So, creating one or signing into your existing epic games account is the first step of the process. Youll be prompted to do this when you start up rocket league for the first time after the update.

  currently, rocket league doesnt support cross-progression or cross-save. The update, according to psyonixs announcement , is coming later this summer.

You can now share your competitive rank, rocket pass progress, and your hard-earned inventory across all platforms! Rocket leagues cross-platform progression is made possible with an epic games account. Creating one or signing into your existing epic games account is the first step of the process.

There are some aspects of this that are blocked by the platforms.

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When i log onto rl on my pc after having played on my xbox, none of my changes (cosmetic, etc.).

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Cross save rocket league

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