Coursera payment with debit card

Coursera payment with debit card

You can make payments on coursera using visa or mastercard debit cards.

When you start a coursera plus subscription, youll be charged the annual fee once a year until you cancel the subscription. You cant use a pre-paid card to pay for a subscription on coursera. You may notice some variation in course and specialization prices on coursera.

For payment for gre toefl coursera alibaba etc you will require a visa credit card. As the credit card is easily accepted all over internet for international transaction. And credit card is safe than debit card for international transaction.

If you pay for a coursera course but dont earn your certificate within 180 days or during your active subscription, your payment will expire. If you want to complete the course and earn your certificate after your payment expires, youll need to pay for the course again. You can see where your payments will expire on your my purchases page. Unfortunately, coursera is unable to grant extensions or exceptions.

With a credit card, the bank lends you money for each transaction. Then you pay them the outstanding balance at the end of every month. If you cant pay all of it, the remaining balance carries over to the next statement. And you are charged interest for the remaining money that the bank has lent to you. Often, the rate you are charged is called the apr, or annual percentage rate.

I am unable to pay for the course in game theory from stanford using my visa debit card, despite the fact that the accepted payment methods says i can use visa debit cards.

On the payment page, coursera gives various options for payment. Do you have any of the listed cards? Even if you dont have a credit card, some banks around the world offer debit visa or debit mastercards attached to accounts, or for pre-purchase. In other words, you buy a visa card with, for example, 100 pre-paid, so you can then use it and top it up as necessary.

If you are trying to pay with accepted credit cards and its still not working, it might be worth contacting the credit card providers. If you do that and they say there are no restrictions, then you can reopen your support ticket by responding to the most recent email you received.

So you have already completed the course and now you want to pay for a course certificate. Congratulations! Please follow the steps that are described here get a course certificate then, make sure youll take a look at the accepted payment methods accepted payment methods it has a special section about payments in india, too.

Learn real english how to pay with debit and credit cards - youtube.

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Coursera payment with debit card

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Coursera payment with debit card

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