Cottonwood vending account

Cottonwood vending account

Cottonwood vending llc is a registered money services business with fincen. Additionally, it holds the 14th virtual currency license issued by the new york department of financial services. Additionally, it holds the 14th virtual currency license issued by the new york department of financial services.

Cottonwood vending llc (the company), a new york limited liability company, hereby offers its retail virtual currency buy and sell service through automated kiosks (the service) to its customers (as defined herein) under the following terms of service.

Cottonwood vending is a company that makes and sells automated kiosks that allow customers to purchase bitcoin with cash - specifically u.

The lucky company is cottonwood vending llc, which was granted the license today, january 31, from the new york department of financial services (nydfs).

Cottonwood vending llc is located in new york, ny, united states and is part of the finance & insurance sector industry. Cottonwood vending llc has 1 total employees across all of its locations and generates 66,161 in sales (usd).

222 broadway new york, ny 10038 379 w broadway new york, ny 10012 116 nassau st new york, ny 10038 700 lavaca st austin, tx 78701. These addresses are known to be associated with cottonwood vending, llc however they may be inactive or mailing addresses only.

  cottonwood vending bitcoin banned me ive been purchasing bitcoin from an atm operated by cottonwood vending for a couple years now, sending it to my blockchain account and then from blockchain.

, the bag will hold almost 300,000 one nights haul from more than two dozen bitcoin atms, or btms, owned by cottonwood vending llc, a new york-based operator.

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Cottonwood vending account

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