Concealed carry for big guys

Concealed carry for big guys

Using the right holster position choosing the best holster identifying the right firearm choosing the holster position for bigger guys. Some of the most popular methods are inside the waistband, ankle holster, shoulder holster. For the reason being is optimal accessibility for quick draw and comfort.

  at concealed carry for big guys, my focus is on helping larger people carry concealed weapons effectively.

There are just a handful of common places to carry appendix, pocket, ankle, and behind the hip are among the most common. Were going to talk here about the two most comfortable for big guys appendix and behind the hip. Unless youre a particular limber big guy, the ankle holster will be a challenge.

Ruger lcp 380 is considered as one of the best-concealed carry holster for big guys. Has introduced their super-adjustable iwb holster just for lcp 380.

In this article, well discuss some concealed carry techniques and positioning that are helpful for us huskier gentlemen. Comfortable concealed carry holsters for big guys inside the waistband concealed carry for the extra jovial. An inside the waistband concealed carry holster with high retention and a good trigger guard is always worth it.

Note all guns on the scale are loaded to capacity, 1 if autoloaders. Comparing the weight of unloaded guns while discussing how easy they are to carry is useless. I find the 1911 to be more controllable despite the more powerful rounds.

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Concealed carry for big guys

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