Coinigy arbitrage matrix

Coinigy arbitrage matrix

Arbmatrix itself isnt an arbitrage performer, but rather a tool to help you spot such opportunities. In that way, youll need to have accounts set up for the exchanges on which you intend to perform arbitrage, and you will need to have funds on the exchange which you will be transferring from if the opportunity for arbitrage between the two arises.

To find it, click the apps button in the top left side of the main markets screen. It will be the first box in the drop-down menu like so arbmatrix allows users to spot arbitrage opportunities across exchanges. With coinigys wide exchange integration, users have the ability to spot hundreds of potential points of arbitration.

Coinigys connectivity across the cryptocurrency universe enables the firm to provide real-time access to pricing data, full-featured spot trading, arbitrage matrix and portfolio managementaggregation tools. We offer sms & email price and trade alerts to help you stay ahead of the game.

  coinigys connectivity across the cryptocurrency universe enables the firm to provide real-time access to pricing data, full-featured spot trading, arbitrage matrix and portfolio managementaggregation tools. 247 exchange and wallet portfolio monitoring coinigy is your one-stop-shop for your portfolio management.

  coinigy also allows you to execute trades on all your connected exchanges, not only that it has full integration with tradingview charts, and allows you to even set alerts and create your sell and buy prices visually on the chart. Another interesting feature is arbitrage it gives you a matrix overview of all exchanges with the best possible combination for the highest price difference.

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Coinigy arbitrage matrix

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Coinigy arbitrage matrix

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