Cobinhood deposit fees

Cobinhood deposit fees

This is in line with industry average, so they are not one of the exchanges luring you in with low (non-existent) trading fees just so they can get theirs on your way out.

There does not charge any fees when making trades on the platform. You will be required to pay the standard mining fees which are requested by the network. Cobinhood also has a native token called cob, which has similar functions to binances bnb.

Cobinhood has no trading fees whatsoever, including 0 taker fees and 0 maker fees.

  you can find a detailed description of the cobinhood withdraw fees on their website. In our cobinhood review, we noticed they added a nice touch similar to what binance have done with their native token. You can use your existing cobinhood (cob) tokens to pay for withdrawal fees.

Cobinhood has three very distinctive features that sets it apart from its competition the first and the most ubiquitous is the zero-fees trading policy which is unique to the project and a potential game changer in the industry. For comparison with other exchanges you can refer to the table below, notice how the average taker fee stands around.

However, they explain that there must be a withdrawal fee because the money goes to the different miners who maintain the networks of these currencies.

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The cobinhood website was available in various languages, including english. A cobinhood exchange review also reveals that they rewarded both referrers and referrals in the form of candy machine tickets. The tickets could be used at cobinhoods candy machine to win free btc, eth and other digital assetscryptocurrencies. Offers like this drew users in before the exchange performed their exit scam.

Cobinhood is quite active in social media, with more than 52000 twitter followers.

This is in line with industry average, so they are not one of the exchanges luring you in with low (non-existent) trading fees just so they can get theirs on your way out.

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Cobinhood deposit fees

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Cobinhood deposit fees

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