Clothing optional hot springs near denver colorado

Clothing optional hot springs near denver colorado

Dakota hot springs (formerly known as the well) near penrose, colorado is a clothing optional, developed hot springs pool. It is located in the scenic lower arkansas river valley, between pueblo and cañon city on highway 50. Dakota hot springs welcomes naturists, but they require swimsuits on tuesdays.

On every day but tuesday, bathing suits are optional at dakota hot springs, a little more than two hours south of denver.

  there arent a whole lot of hot springs near denver, but this is one of them. This historic resort lies only 32 miles west of downtown denver in idaho springs. There are a variety of soaking options here, but only the caves are clothing optional.

  orvis hot springs is a clothing optional hot spring and spa is located in ridgway, colorado, just down the road from ouray and telluride. They also offer the full resort experience, including massages and lodging.

  an iconic colorado hot spring found at the end of a long dirt road near steamboat springs, strawberry hot springs is clothing optional after dark when no one under 18 is allowed at the facility.

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Clothing optional hot springs near denver colorado

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