Cliff high litecoin

Cliff high litecoin

  the following is a snippet from cliff highs march 2018 report for litecoin. This is what he had to say about litecoin the data sets have continuing growth for ltc reaching a parity point with the ethereum network, but be aware this is not a price projection, rather it is focused on the smart contract hosting and network (distributed apps) side of.

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Even though litecoins value is still stuck around the same level, people remain quite bullish. A new clif high report indicates good things are about to happen to ltc. The ecosystem has seen major technological developments over the past few months. Moreover, it appears some big changes could come to litecoin in august of this year.

Clif high on gold, silver, bitcoin, and our future stock market finance investing interviews webbotforum webbot.

  giving you guys some information about whats coming for litecoin we could see some big moves this year in litecoin this is my number one coin for 2018.

Clif didnt give out specific numbers for 2018 but what he did say is that ltc will have a great year with consistently strong gains. My guess is we will reach at least 10 of btc price either this coming spring or fall 2018.

To start buying bitcoin you need a coinbase account here httpswww.

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Clifs (one f) predictions are different than that of others because he uses proprietary predictive linguistics software he invented.

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Cliff high litecoin

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