Cleanchoice energy reddit

Cleanchoice energy reddit

  like most people have said the rate from cleanchoice is probably not going to be cheaper than the utilities price. The renewables wont be produced locally since its probably cheaper to get the recs (renewable energy credits) from texas or another source. It will still be a higher renewable blend than your default service which i believe is 24-25.

  some assholes from mpower energy showed up at my apt last month, claiming they were working for coned and were there to help tenants switch over them cuz we were on the wrong energy supplier. Their whole pitch is designed to confuse you with cheaper energy mumbo jumbo which doesnt even make sense when you question them about it and get you to just sign their contract.

  cleanchoice energy - is there a catch to switching over to clean energy? I live in new york and i keep receiving letters from cleanchoice energy about switching over to clean energy. Coned would still be my utility, but cce would tell them to switch over the supply to them, which is an energy services company.

I received some information on a company based in washington dc, clean choice energy, that claims they source local renewable energy to provide electricity to your home. Has anybody heard of them and whether or not they are a reputable business? They claim that, on average, your monthly bill will increase by about 17 a month.

Cleanchoice energy costs? Hi astoria, ive been getting some advertisements for switching to cleanchoice energy lately. I want to do what i can to help the environment and fight climate change, but this year my finances are tighter than ever. Has anyone switched to clean energy, and if so, how much did you see your prices rise?

  the mailers literally say that your bill will be higher because clean energy is more expensive. Also, you should call up coned and put a block on your account to never allow your account to be switched to an esco.

  get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support reddit. I received a letter from cleanchoice energy today, has anyone actually switched to them? By thatohioguyfromohio in columbus.

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Cleanchoice energy reddit

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