Cjs cd keys legit reddit

Cjs cd keys legit reddit

  works fine, like pretty much every cd key website out there (kinguin, g2a, cjs, cdkeyhouse). You could be buying stolen keys or keys from lower income countries purchased cheap and sold online for a profit.

  if youre lamenting that you were scammed by a gray market seller or asking about whether a seller is legit, please see this article about key resellers. If you want a secure purchase, only purchase keys from authorized sites. G2a, kinguin, cdkeys and others are not authorized and rely on third parties (sometimes with illegal methods) to provide keys.

I ar caboose member 86 posts 86 posts posted july 9, 2017. Reading mostly positive but sorta mixed reviews online, heres a topic i started a little bit ago as to the context for this (specifically towards the bottom) link to post share on other sites.

Cd key sites like that tend to be considered a legal grey area. The keys could be taken from products purchased on the black market, theres no way of knowing. Theres a good chance the money you pay is not supporting the developer though. I would recommend waiting for the games you want to go on sale and.

  if youre lamenting that you were scammed by a gray market seller or asking about whether a seller is legit, please see this article about key resellers. If you want a secure purchase, only purchase keys from authorized sites. G2a, kinguin, cdkeys and others are not authorized and rely on third parties (sometimes with illegal methods) to provide keys.

I had to rebuild a laptop with windows 10 at short notice and needed to buy an activation key. I found cjs cd keys and was b not sure but as i needed an activation key i logged in and brought one. It was very easy and quick and i received the key electronically very quickly and completed the rebuild. I will definitely use them as my first choice next time i need a key useful.

  from what i understand, these cd key seller buys retail copies of those games in countries where the games are much cheaper compared to the us market, and thats how they sell those keys at a cheaper price.

Cjs cd keys uses its own custom developed autokey system, which allows customers to collect their scanned images of the cd keys immediately after payment. This allows customers to have self service, without needing to wait for our support staff to manually email the keys. This way, you get the same instant access to your steam key, just like steam but without the high prices! Superior.

Bit of difficulty with the site bit of difficulty with the site accepting my payment but has eventually worked. Youve already flagged this read 1 more review about cjs cd keys only the latest review will count in the companys trustscore.

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Cjs cd keys legit reddit

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