Cheddar flow vs flow algo

Cheddar flow vs flow algo

  cheddarflow flowalgo darkpool in this video, we bring you a review of cheddar flow vs flow algo.

  cheddarflow is another intuitive platform that helps you keep track of what matters. This algo-based system lets you identify order flows and rare market orders. The dashboard panel kind of looks similar to tradeui with an option for market sentiment, trading volume, and putcall monitor.

I think cheddar is more flexible in terms of sorting and order of columns. Flowalgo has some ai alert system (didnt use it so cant really say how good it is). When i did the trial for flowalgo it didnt show flow that i could see publicly posted on blackboxstocks and cheddar.

  below are some of the notable features that cheddar flow has to offer. It is worth mentioning that most of the features inside cheddar flow coincidentally match their older competition flow algo as depicted in this video review titled cheddar flow vs.

  services like flowalgo cheddar flow, quant data, blackbox stocks etc claim to provide a service that gives retail traders a head up on institutions.

  regarding the discrepancy between cheddar flow and flow algo, it has to do with the reporting criteria each platform has adopted. Flow algo strictly reports purchased options at the ask price therefore it is bound to show a lower number.

Does anyone use cheddarflow or flowalgo or anything find sweeps? 7 comments.

  flowalgo was founded in 2017 while cheddar flow was introduced in 2019 per their website. Where am i going with this ? Well, the dashboard of cheddar flow is a copy cat of flowalgo minus the brand colors.

Incredible tool for tracking order flow and spotting great trading setups. The filtering functions and ability to customize really sets it apart from the rest. The customer service and constant innovation of the platform are best in class.

  follow along as we go in depth on how to cheat the stock market using flow algo (69k amazon trade make big trades by following the smart and institutional m.).

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Cheddar flow vs flow algo

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