Check starhub contract expiry date

Check starhub contract expiry date

Have you click on the recontract now to the next page option. As mine is done this year, under the service address there is check recontract eligibility.

Directly below scroll to the left to mobile, will show all the mobile contract the expiry date.

  scroll down to manage my services, select your mobile number and click on view & manage. Scroll down to the contract end date section under your mobile plan.

Hi my mobile plan expiry is stated on under starhub website and 4g12 allows customer to renew yearly.

You can port over to another telco(s) but should wait until the contract expiry date is over. For porting mean using the same mobile line number, and no need to inform starhub. Just visit other telco(s) and say you want to port from starhub. When the mobile contract expired, you can sign up as sim-only plan.

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Tv and entertainment getting started - how starhub can help you? Ethernet over coaxial for fibre tv.

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Check starhub contract expiry date

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