Check ping rate for mt4 platform

Check ping rate for mt4 platform

With lmax example, i negotiate with a time around 5ms (total).

Mt4 usually connects to the nearest brokers server available (i. However, it could be that if mt4 disconnects for any reason and then connects back again, it might select another server (if its the only server thats working at that time), even if its ping (latency) is not good.

Im running a demo account in mt4, testing some eas and all work as expected. Im running a demo account in mt4, testing some eas and all work as expected.

Practically, the entire work of the client terminal is based on data (news and quotes) continuously incoming from the server. If a client terminal does not receive quotes, it is impossible to trade with it. In such a mode, the terminal allows just to analyze the existing data with indicators and line studies and test expert advisors.

  the following free indicator for mt4 platform can be used to display the different time zones and the brokers server time on the chart. From the above article, traders should be able to easily find out what time zone their broker is following and also be able to understand the differences between the gmt and gmt2 candlesticks.

  so i can check trades and open position on my computer mt4 platform , and one more thing how to add another trading account to the same vps. But you can use many eascharts using same vps with one account for example.

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Check ping rate for mt4 platform

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