Centurylink vs cox communications

Centurylink vs cox communications

Cox equipment and installation both centurylink and cox allow you to set up your internet by yourself for free.

  a side-by-side comparison of centurylink and cox internet service in 2021 centurylink and cox internet have both built solid reputations for their reliable internet service. Cox is the third largest cable internet provider in the united states whereas centurylink is the third largest dsl provider.

While cox runs different prices for every speed of internet that they offer, centurylink has an offer for a flat rate of 49 for all internet speeds up to 100 mbps. A comparative price point from cox is its 150 mbps plan for 59. If you want speeds greater than 100 mbps, then cox is the only choice of these two. However, for speeds of 100 mbps and below, centurylink is more affordable.

Centurylink data caps both cox and centurylink give you a slap on the hand if you use close to 1 tb of data each month. So if every little mb and gb of data counts for you, cox has the upper hand when it comes to data.

  cox and centurylink offer comparable speed tiers starting at 10 mbps20 mbps and going up to gigabit speeds. The cox gigabit service, dubbed gigablast, has download speeds up to 1 gbps (1,000 mbps).

Compare cox communications and centurylink pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews.

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Centurylink vs cox communications

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Centurylink vs cox communications
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