Central bank of iraq 25 dinars worth

Central bank of iraq 25 dinars worth

The iraq 25 dinar banknote from 1986 features a portrait of saddam hussein. Its obverse side features a charging horseman with swords, spears, and banners on the center and former president saddam hussein on the right. The reverse side features the city gate, lion, palm fronds, and the al-shaheed monument also known as the martyrs memorial in baghdad.

Detailed information about the coin 25 dinars (emergency gulf war issue), iraq, with pictures and collection and swap management mintage, descriptions,.

The iraq 25 dinars banknote is from the 1990-1991 emergency gulf war series that was issued due to the economic blockade. This 25-dinar banknote is green and brown in color and measures 175 x 80 mm. The back side features a wide-angle view of the abbasid palace in baghdad, a fortress built at the turn of the 13th century and is.

Save central bank of iraq 25 dinars to get e-mail alerts and updates on your ebay feed. Update your shipping location 7 s 0 p o n s o a r p a 7 e e d-1-1 u j-1 0 f j-1-1. 25,000 twenty five thousand dinars central bank of iraq ef grade 25000.

  25,000 new iraqi dinar unc banknote - 1 x 25000 dinars iqd iraq currency (money).

The coinage is issued by the bank of iraq and each dinar is worth 1,000 fils.

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Central bank of iraq 25 dinars worth

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