Ccid crypto ranking

Ccid crypto ranking

  the new ranking prepared by the ccid with regard to the different blockchain has been published and, eos is once again confirmed as the best.

Recently, the china electronics and information industry development institute (ccid research institute) released the 18 th issue of the global public chain technology evaluation index.

The ccid updates its rankings every two months this time around is the 17th update and the second this year. This month, eos remains top of the overall ranking, followed by tron and then ethereum.

The latest 2019 china crypto rankings are in and it is a clear indication that the chinese government is optimistic about platforms that offer support for the creation of decentralization applications.

  the center for information and industry development (ccid), under chinas ministry of industry and information technology, released the 13th update of its crypto project rankings tuesday.

The latest and 12th report of ccid was published in may 2019, and it had 35 cryptocurrency projects ranked. It had minor changes as compared to the previous issue in march 2019 eos is still 1, followed by tron and ethereum.

In addition to the overall ranking, the ccid published three others based on basic technology, applicability, and creativity sub-categories.

  ccid, which operates under the supervision of the countrys ministry of industry and information technology, is tasked with interfacing businesses with the government and watches over the countrys information industry. Its latest crypto ranking report, which is the 14th since its first report in may 2018, comprised of 35 digital currencies.

  the ccid publishes a comprehensive evaluation once a month, which compares the best known blockchain projects in different categories. Eos continues to lead the ranking ahead of tron and ethereum. The top 3 cryptocurrencies in the ranking eos, tron and ethereum are dapp platforms that have also been in the top positions for a long time.

  the project is under the control of the ministry of industry and information technologys china electronic information industry development department (ccid).

Latest news about Ccid crypto ranking

Ccid crypto ranking

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Ccid crypto ranking
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