Cashless country ranking

Cashless country ranking

  at present, belgium is the most cashless country in the world, where 93 of the total consumer payment is cashless.

  despite ranking 1st overall, only 23 of the people would go without cash completely suggesting whilst being the most eager to be cash free, for the netherlands, cash is still remains an important payment type. The czech republic had the highest amount of contactless payment transactions, whilst belgium had the lowest at just 4.

  countries share of contactless payment transactions at pos (points of sale) in selected countries in europe in 2018 () atms per 100,000 adults, 2018 how many people would go completely cashless () digital competitiveness rankingdigital readiness debit card ownership rate in european countries total index netherlands 51 41 23 6 99 9.

  the countries with the highest proportion of cashless transactions included singapore (61), netherlands (60), france (59), sweden (59), canada (57), belgium (56), and uk (52). Bottom of the rung were malaysia, saudi arabia, peru and egypt at 1 of cashless transactions.

  poised to be the first truly cashless society by 2023, sweden sits fifth in globaldatas ranking.

With the world preparing for a cashless society, find out which countries are already ahead of the trend! Where does the uk place? Where does the uk place? The worlds most cashless countries.

  listed below are the top three countries that are embracing cashless payments. Of all the companies moving closer to becoming cashless, most people agree that sweden is the closest. 85 of the country has access to online banking and only 2 of the countrys transactions consist of cash.

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Cashless country ranking

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Cashless country ranking
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