Carl's jr carb count

Carl's jr carb count

Low carb thickburger cal 450 310 34 13 2 85 1,060 9 1 5 22 the 13 lb. Mile high bacon thickburger cal 1,010 600 67 22 2 140 2,030 56 3 13 42 the 13 lb. Original six dollar thickburger cal 830 460 51 16 2 95 1,560 62 3 19 29 the 13 lb.

Our online calorie counter gives you full nutrition facts for all types of carls jr. Plan and manage your weekly and monthly meal plans using our calorie counter.

  the key to ordering low carb items is making sure you still get enough calories for your dollar. Here are some tips to transform carls jr items into keto friendly options while still getting a good bang for your buck. Tell them you want it low carb first make sure to specify that you dont want a bun.

  carb carbohydrates(g) sod sodium(mg), sug sugar(g) the carls jr restaurant.

49 nutrition 290 calories and 6 net carbs taste above average notes as noted above, the swiss cheese is a nice touch. Ham is cured with sugar which adds a few unnecessary carbs to this meal.

The big carl 920 cals view details the really big carl 1180 cals view details big hamburger 480 cals view details the 13lb. Original thickburger 820 cals view details the guacamole bacon angus thickburger 960 cals view details the 13lb.

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Carl's jr carb count

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