Cargo trailer alarm system

Cargo trailer alarm system

A site dedicated to theft prevention for your enclosed trailer! We offer trailer alarms, trailer and semi locks, and gps units.

If you are looking for a trailer alarm system or trailer security system for your race car, toy hauler, horse trailer, or travel trailer with great features and a quick and easy installation, then you have come to the right place. This is not a modified car alarm like other systems out there.

Its patented and unique design forces the driver to follow specific steps, ensuring your vehicle and cargo area secure whether stopped or in motion. We have thought of every possible way to protect your vehicles and their cargo.

Loud mini 110db siren size doesnt matter when it comes to this little guy. Alarm control box locking control box housing the control board which comes with the battery check meter, siren timer, and two keys.

Thousands of trailer alarm system reviews, same day shipping.

Dont wait until its too late! Call now to order your system. New and improved winch remote with no delay when you let off the transmitter button. About one fifth as many race car trailers burn up in transport as get stolen.

  it is an actual alarm system for your utility, car or motorcycle trailer. I find it hilarious when i hear a car alarm going off in a store parking lot.

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Cargo trailer alarm system

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Cargo trailer alarm system
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