Career options after 12th in computer science

Career options after 12th in computer science

  one of the popular courses after 12th computer science is a b. In computer science (bachelor of science in computer science). Many students confuse the two degrees and think they teach the same thing.

The academic course that heshe chooses after 12th science will play a huge role in determining the path of hisher career. For example, if a student pursues mbbs after 12th science, heshe will go on to become a doctor (most probably).

  this particular computer-related course after 12 th generally offers students a choice between two options as a short-term course after computer science between 3-6 months or a computer diploma course which may take up to a year. An integral part of computer science, its all about teaching you how to design and maintain websites.

  we must tell you one thing that a science student have also career opportunity in defense. After 12th with science or after science degree you can apply for indian army, indian air force, indian navy via national defense academy. So we can say that both of private and government sectors are available with great scope for a science student.

Some of the prime recruiters are software companies mncs (technical support wing) mncs (it wing) it companies banks consultancies educational institutes relevant government departments.

  candidates willing to excel in computer engineering should have sound command over mathematics and science to clear entrance exam conducted soon after 12th class.

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Career options after 12th in computer science

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