Capitec global one account interest rate

Capitec global one account interest rate

25 na r10 000 r24 999 nominal effective interest rate () 2. 25 na r25 000 r99 999 nominal effective interest rate () 2.

Manage your savings plans and your money using our app, cellphone 1203279, the internet and your global one card fix your money in any of the 4 free savings plans and earn up to 7. All interest rates quoted are nominal annual compounded monthly (nacm) rates.

With global one you get a transaction account, 4 free savings plans, personalised credit options, and insurance all in one place. Use your capitec debit or credit card to access your accounts, and easily manage your money on our cellphone banking app or internet banking anywhere 247. Click the icons in the wheel below to see how we help you bank better, so you can live better.

The benefits of our fixed-term savings plans reinvest the interest or transfer it to your main savings account interest rate fixed for the full term money available on the maturity date after maturity, the account becomes a flexible savings plan, which you can refix no monthly.

Save with global one your one solution for transacting, saving and personalised credit. Visit our covid-19 page for any essential banking needs during the lockdown and the official sa government portal www.

Capitec is renowned for having highly competitive interest rates on its savings facilities. In recent years, many south africans have switched to capitec to benefit from these competitive interest rates as well as their popular low bank charges.

Capitec bank is a south african retail bank established in 2001 and is currently listed on the johannesburg stock exchange (jse). It is a provider of consumer banking and business banking services and has a branch network over 400.

  with the capitecs transactionsavings account you can earn interest from 2. Below we show you the 2020 capitec savings account interest rates the global one account allows you to fix your money in any of the 4 free savings plans and earn up to 8.

If you choose one of capitecs flexible, fixed or tax-free savings plans, you can earn up to 8.

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Capitec global one account interest rate

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