Can i use imessage abroad

Can i use imessage abroad

  one way to save on data using imessage is to turn on low quality image mode. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page, and move the toggle beside low quality image mode to the on position. When the slider turns green, low quality image mode has been activated.

If using imessage abroad or even at home there is data usage it usage maybe very small and wont be reflected in your bill even if youre a heavy users like myself. However, it can add up and will certainly show on your data usage.

  instead, we are changing how the imessage (data-based, blue bubbled) system works so that you can text internationally for no additional fees. In other words, if you are in germany, with a german sim card, and a german phone number, sending imessages to a u.

A yes, imessage is free internationally through wifi there is never a charge for using imessage (messages app) from apple, it is a completely free service if you use your cell plan then you will use cell data, as any regular app will use.

  imessage allows you to send unlimited text, photos, videos, locations, and contacts using wi-fi or cellular data. That statement came from apples website and can be viewed here.

  yes, though it will send as sms if the phone is not running ios 5 as long as you have minimum data service, even if it is just 2g available you will be okay. I havent been charged and i was sending and receiving on imessage with just basic data service available but did get charged because the person wasnt updated with ios 5.

Apples built-in messages app will let you text people when connected to wifi without the use of data, but theres a caveat. Youll only be able to send imessages basically, only texts to other iphones. Facetime is another native apple app that lets you make wifi-based contact.

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Can i use imessage abroad

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