Can anyone join hostplus

Can anyone join hostplus

1 joining hostplus generally anyone can join hostplus, as long as you reside in australia or are employed by an eligible australian employer. Applications made from persons outside australia who are not employed by an eligible australian employer will not be accepted.

  hostplus is an australian industry super fund with a focus on the hospitality, tourism, events and sporting sectors however, anyone is welcome to join. Hostplus is well-known for its consistently strong performance returns. As its an industry fund, all profits go back into the fund to benefit members.

Even though we specialise in providing services for hospitality, tourism, recreation and sports industries, anyone can join no matter which industry they work in. Because were an industry fund, were run to benefit our members. Thats we offer competitive fees and dont pay commissions to financial planners.

Please make sure you have your contact details (including email and mobile) and your tax file number during your application well be asking you some questions about your preferred level of insurance. Youll also have the option to choose how your super is invested.

Everyone is welcome to join us as a member of our personal super plan. Become a registered hostplus employer in less than 10 minutes and make super payments to your staff right away. Starting a hostplus pension or joining hostplus if youre not already a member is easy.

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Can anyone join hostplus

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