Bull and bear kenosha

Bull and bear kenosha

Welcome to the bull & bear eatery and tavern! We are a family owned restaurant, located in kenosha, wisconsin. We open at 6 am for one of the best breakfasts in town, kitchen closes around 11 pm, and bar is open till 2 am. We serve a full breakfast, lunch and dinner, with great appetizers and famous burgers.

Bull & bear chili top usda choice ground angus, onions, celery, green and red pepper with our secret spices. 29 soup of the day ask your server for details on the homemade specialty.

Bull & bear eatery is now kenosha brewing company! Serving a full menu with fantastic house brews and a full bar.

Welcome to the bull & bear eatery and tavern! We are a family owned restaurant, located in kenosha, wisconsin. We open at 6 am for one of the best breakfasts in town, kitchen closes around 11 pm, and bar is open till 2 am. We serve a full breakfast, lunch and dinner, with great appetizers and famous burgers. We have a full bar with ten big screen tvs to watch all your favorite sporting events.

Kenosha bull and bear eatery & tavern bull and bear eatery & tavern (262) 694-9494. Own this business? Learn more about offering online ordering to your diners. , kenosha, wi 53142 restaurant website no cuisines specified bull and bear eatery & tavern (262) 694-9494. 75 topped with onions, tomatoes, garlic hummus, feta cheese.

Delivery & pickup options - 51 reviews of bull & bear - closed this restaurant used to be the only local brewery in the city of kenosha. The food at brewmasters was never terrible, but it was also nothing to write home about. I used to belong to the beer of the month club, so i was kind of sad to see it go, but all things must pass.

T aboulé is absolutely delicious anyway - it gets even more delicious (who would have guessed?) lenses. The lentils make tabbouleh a fresh one at the same time filling supplement. Or as part of a vegetable dish schwärm vegans simply read the.

Bull & bear 4017 80th st kenosha, wi 53142 (262) 694-9494 restaurant hours.

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Be sure to try a selection of our different fine craft brews by requesting a beer flight! (4 snifter glasses of 5 oz. Kenosha brewing company 4017 80th street kenosha, wi 53142 kbcbrewinggmail.).

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Bull and bear kenosha

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