Bubbakoos neptune city nj

Bubbakoos neptune city nj

The roots of bubbakoos are in the skater and shore scene, but all are welcome in whats quickly become a neighborhood hub of activity.

High-quality and made to order, bubbakoos of neptune is committed to providing a different take on classic mexican staples like burritos, tacos, quesadillas and more.

25 reviews of bubbakoos burritos we were driving by looking for a mexican dinner spot and saw bubbakoos, so we decided to give it a try. When we walked in, we noticed the concept was similar to chipotle. Our family ordered two vegetarian plates of nachos to share and they were great. The quantity was plentiful, the ingredients were fresh and it was much tastier than chipotle.

View menu and reviews for bubbakoos burrito in neptune city, plus popular items & reviews.

36 nj-35, neptune city, nj 07753 (732) 988-2300 website order online suggest an edit update menu.

  bubbakoos burritos is a business providing services in the field of restaurant,.

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Bubbakoos neptune city nj

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Bubbakoos neptune city nj
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