Bt superwrap review

Bt superwrap review

Bt superwrap personal super plan was established in 1999 and has been designed to provide a wide range of investment options to members and their authorised advisor. Bt superwrap offers a comprehensive range of more than 500 diversified and single sector managed funds, s&pasx 300 listed securities, term deposits and cash.

You can sign up for a bt super account online by clicking on a bt super fund in the canstar superannuation comparison tables. Bt financial says it only takes about 10 minutes to apply online.

On a balance of around 450,000 i was paying around 3,000year in account keeping fees on bts superwrap plus management fees on underlying funds. I switched to a low cost industry fund that was simpler and had all the features i wanted. The account keeping fees for the same balance were less than 400. Get your money out of these rip off funds into industry funds.

L0001090 (btfm) is the trustee and issuer of superwrap, which is part of retirement wrap abn 39 827 542 991 rse registration r1001327 (retirement wrap).

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Bt superwrap is a superannuation investment platform that provides you and your financial adviser access to over 580 managed funds, asx listed securities and term deposits, as well as insurance, in one secure online account. It provides the control, choice, flexibility and service for your super or retirement portfolio.

There are no switching fees, although a buy-sell spread may apply. Asset administrator supers insurance offering allows eligible members to apply for an unlimited amount of death cover and up to 5 million of tpd cover through bts protection plan. Members can also apply to increase cover following the occurrence of a prescribed life event without additional underwriting.

  for super wrap platforms, bts fees fare much better on accounts with balances over 250,000, with charges comparable to competitors, but the report stated that they remain price uncompetitive for low balances (see figure 3).

Bt funds management limited (abn 63 002 916 458, rse l0001090) is the trustee and issuer of superwrap (abn 39 827 542 991, rse r1001327). The information in this website has been prepared without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs.

6 is the average for 250,0year on top of the asset management fee. If you have 1 million on a platform, though the average is.

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Bt superwrap review

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