Browning spec ops 10mp trail camera

Browning spec ops 10mp trail camera

Invest in a stealthy game camera that takes your off-season scouting to the next level and helps you find that monster buck - the browning trail cameras spec ops fhd platinum 10mp ir game camera with included external power pack. This camera features a 55-foot detection range, invisible no-glow infrared illumination, and a speedy 0.

The new 2016 spec ops platinum series camera now features a built-in 2 color display to preview exactly where your camera is aimed in the field as well as check your images from your camera. Equipped with invisible night vision ir illumination that has a range of up to 70 this trail camera is designed for the most demanding hunter.

1s trigger speed, 82ft motion detection, waterproof cam for wildlife deer game trail.

John browning showed mechanical genius in his firearms design. We do our best to show a spark of technological genius in each trail cam product we design and produce. All of our trail cameras and accessories incorporate ingenuity in design, quality workmanship and materials and are backed by a one year warranty. Features such as invisible night vision ir illumination, timelapse imaging, and the compact palm-sized case design make our trail cameras the most innovative trail.

This cameras operating complexity is only exceeded by its regular price. It will take pictures only when configured just so, and every time you take the sd card out and replace it with a new one, you need to go back into the menus and reconfigure it again, and that is not as straightforward as any of the other cameras i have owed, including other browning products.

Dark ops cameras from browning feature an invisible infrared flash to ensure game or trespassers on your property do not detect the camera and still deliver the performance you expect from browning trail cameras. With 10mp picture quality, hd videos with sound, lightning fast trigger speeds, superior battery life, and an impressive flash range of 70 feet, the browning dark ops camera is.

The most covert game surveillance today can be found in our spec ops series of trail cameras. Featuring 8mp image resolution and invisible night vision ir illumination, this trail camera is designed for the most demanding hunter. The spec ops camera line also includes a built in 2in color screen for easy programming and the ability to play back your pictures and videos in the field.

  a trail camera is useful only if its fast enough to trigger at the right moment. With the hyperfire 2 hf2x, you get super-fast of a second trigger speed. Apart from the incredible 0 2 second trigger speed, the movement detection of this game camera is highly accurate.

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Browning spec ops 10mp trail camera

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Browning spec ops 10mp trail camera

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