Bowel incontinence pants

Bowel incontinence pants

Flexible fit and breathable back sheet for healthy skin waist 80-110cm leg opening 45-78cm. Disposable absorbent incontinence pants that look and feel like normal underwear.

The disposable pull up ranges are suitable for those with moderate to heavy incontinence. The pull ups provide higher security levels and are convenient to the wearer. The adhesive side tapes ensure the pants can be easily removed and the odour protection technology leaves you feeling comfortable throughout the day.

You can choose between a small shaped pad or an all in one product for faecal incontinence management. These are smaller discreet pads, similar to a sanitary pad design.

Do not squeeze abruptly, try instead to gradually tighten up the muscles over a period of 5 seconds.

Washable pants these look exactly like everyday underwear but have an absorbent pad in the gusset area. Some women wear these in conjunction with a disposable pad for extra protection washable all-in-ones are usually made of terry towelling combine with a plastic pant to go over the top to avoid liquid seeping through.

Heres our picks for the the best incontinence underwear you can buy. Always discreet boutique incontinence & postpartum underwear.

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Bowel incontinence pants

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Bowel incontinence pants
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