Bot for faucet

Bot for faucet

The bot automatically visits many websites and solves all kinds of faucets. Lots of high paying faucets are supported including those that pay directly into your own wallet. The bot will claim these cryptocurrency coins automatically for you and you can customize a lot on how the bot should collect. Faucet collector has a large community that is adding faucet scripts to the bot.

Bitbot android faucet an application that allows you to collect faucets using a smartphone.

  bitcoin faucet bot is a program for automating the generation of cryptocurrency using cranes, which simplifies the process of a free collection of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, makes earnings more efficient and convenient.

The bot automatically visits many websites and solves all kinds of faucets. Lots of high paying faucets are supported including those that pay directly into your own wallet. The bot will claim these cryptocurrency coins automatically for you and you can customize a lot on how the bot should collect.

Coincollector v6 will auto collect bitcoins, dogecoins, litecoin, dashcoin at unlimited compatible faucet sites. V6 comes included with an epay scraper, ifaucet scraper, google scraper, bcrotator scraper. The new task scheduler has been simplified so you can now run coincollector at scheduled.

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Bot for faucet

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