Borderlands scavenger quests

Borderlands scavenger quests

  scavenger revolver is one of the six scavenger missions throughout the borderlands. This mission becomes available on luckys bounty board after powering the fast travel network is complete. Goal of these missions is to collect 4 pieces of weapons, of which after the completion of the mission, a weapon of the appropriate type is obtained.

The second borderlands scavenger mission, you can pick this one up from the fyrestone bounty board. Youll be after the combat rifle stock, the combat rifle body, the combat rifle sight, and the combat rifle barrel. Head on over to the bandit camp bolted to the cliff face opposite of the circle of death cave.

For borderlands on the xbox 360, a gamefaqs message board topic titled scavenger quest piece locations - a definitive guide.

  whats up everyone ) today we will be completing the quest scavenger revolver in dahl headland.

Doing some quests with my second account on borderlands my hunter! Mordecai.

New haven side quests 1 in search of tannis the ballad of crazy earl marcus missions middle of nowhere kroms canyon jaynistown quests side quests part 2 trash coast missions old haven.

  scavenger sniper rifle the legend of moe and marley circle of death meat and greet. Circle of death final round sledge to the safe house claptrap rescue safe house scavenger combat rifle what hit the fan sledge battle for the badlands find bruce mcclane.

Borderlands scavenger combat rifle quest glitch user info moukaryuu. I was doing this quest (you have to collect 4 parts of the gun) and one part of the gun wasnt visible even though the map showed i was standing right on it. I looked up, down, behind, and everywhere conceivable for this thing and i couldnt find it.

I hope this video will help you find dat damned revolver barrel.

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Borderlands scavenger quests

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