Borderlands pre sequel sub level 13

Borderlands pre sequel sub level 13

  sub-level 13 is a location in borderlands the pre-sequel. It can only be accessed after accepting the sub-level 13 mission from pickle.

Taking place between the events of borderlands 1 and borderlands 2, the pre-sequel details the events of how handsome jack became what he was during the second game.

  walkthrough for the side mission quest sub level 13 given by pickles.

  showing way to sub-level 13 are in borderlands the pre-sequel.

Find sub-level 13 entrance is a mission objective in the side mission sub-level 13 in borderlands the pre-sequel. Get to the fast travel station and use it to quickly get to the titan robot production plant. Once you arrive there you can just take a quick turn to the right.

Borderlands the pre-sequel mission objectives remotelearning.

All discussions screenshots artwork broadcasts videos news guides reviews borderlands the pre-sequel general discussions topic details. Oct 20, 2014 1043am sub-level 13 mission? How do i get to sub-level 13? Theres an undiscovered mission there, but im not exactly sure where it is, or howwhere to access it.

All discussions screenshots artwork broadcasts videos news guides reviews borderlands the pre-sequel general discussions topic details. Oct 18, 2014 710am sub-level 13 location been trying to find it for the past couple days. Anyone able to tell me which map has the exit and where the exit is? Showing 1-8 of 8.

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Borderlands pre sequel sub level 13

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Borderlands pre sequel sub level 13
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