Booga booga god armor

Booga booga god armor

The god armor is a set of mojo armor added in the mojo update. It gives an additional 150 health to your character, maxing out at 250 health.

It requires 1 mojo to unlock the whole set and can be crafted at level 60 once unlocked. God armor adds an additional 175 health to your character, maxing out at 275 health.

To craft god armor you will need 6 crystal chunk and 20 gold bars. When a player dies with a god armor armor is destroyed with its ingredients. Each armor piece grants 25 damage reduction to any weapon (and void spellbolt).

  we finally have gotten enough mojo to craft the new god armor in booga booga!thanks to arie for the thumbnail!httpswww.

Armor is listed from 1 to 12 with the armor with the least health given as the first and the most health given as the twelfth. 1 health bonus 2 leaf 3 hide 4 iron 5 steel 6 adurite 7 crystal 8 magnetite 9 emerald 10 god 11 binary 12 void 13 shelly (bag only) 14 pink diamond shelly bags and binary bags tier only has the bag, so it gives a 0 damage reduction (with the full set if it becomes.).

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This list shows you the ranking of each armor, from weak to strong! And it shows you what weapon you should use with the armor (only for that level of tier) leaf armor (not recommended) with club the best, gives you 15 extra of life hide armor (not recommended) with club the best, gives you 30 extra of life crystal armor (not recommended) (will get targeted by god players) gives you 50 extra.

  god armor pvp arena for 1,000 robux! (roblox booga booga) discord - httpsdiscord.

Not a member of pastebin yet? Sign up, it unlocks many cool features! Text 5. Raw download clone embed print report--to get all god armor for almost free you need to have 1 gold and 1 crystal in your inventory at once then type in the god item name (with capital) craft item script --made by dinotastic9.

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Booga booga god armor

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