Black diamond private equity australia

Black diamond private equity australia

Black diamond is a privately held alternative asset management firm specializing in high yield credit, stressed and distressed credit, restructurings and business turnarounds. Black diamond has 80 employees, including 30 investment professionals, servicing all of its platforms from its 3 offices globally.

Free and open company data on australia company black diamond private equity pty ltd (company number 617369454), mayfield, new south wales, 2304.

Black diamond holdings is a boutique private equity and venture capital team. Our goal is to create value for our investors and accelerate success for the entrepreneurs we back. Black diamond holdings invests in opportunities created by new technologies, expanding markets, and distressed assets.

Black diamond private wealth ltd (bdpw) prides itself on its world class educational platform that we provide, on a global scale with investors, lenders and traders from all around the world. As a family owned company, we are small enough to make every investment decision with precise targeting and we hold very strong family values when investing our clients money.

Black diamond capital management (bdcm) has named rodney cohen as head of private equity. Cohen will have responsibility for managing the firms portfolio of private equity funds, consisting of the bdcm opportunity funds ii, iii, iv, and v, with a combined 4 billion in capital. Cohen has more than 25 years of private equity experience most.

Claim the 20 per annum interest paid on any capital loaned to bdpw now whilst this offer is still available. We have introduced you to black diamond private wealth ltd (bdpw) previously and noticed that to date you have not taken advantage of this offer.

Black diamond capital management, an alternative asset management firm, has named rodney s. Previously, cohen was managing director and co-head of the carlyle.

Black diamond investment partners, llc operates as a private equity firm. The company focuses on management buy-outs, acquisitions, mergers, recapitalizations, restructuring, and other corporate.

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Black diamond private equity australia

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