Bitdirect south africa

Bitdirect south africa

Deposit funds from your bank account into your bitdirect profile.

I am a south african citizen and have a south african id number i am not a usa citizen nor do i have any tax obligations in the united states.

A new bitcoin brokerage called bitdirect has opened its doors in south africa. The brokerage buys bitcoin on behalf of its customers from international digital currency exchanges at the best possible price to reduce the premium that south africans are often forced to pay when buying bitcoin locally.

Bitdirect was founded in december 2017, by andrew field and oliver shepherd. Their relationship started many years before when they studied information systems together at the university of cape town. Andrew started selling bitcoin in south africa while living in london through localbitcoins.

Bitdirect is a south african bitcoin exchange that links directly to international bitcoin exchanges, this allows us to be the most competitively priced in south africa.

Bitdirect - is this a safe option to buy bitcoin in south africa does anybody have experience dealing with bitdirect. They seem to be a new lot but are charging a lot less than the 20 premium the other south african exchanges levy.

Bitdirect is a bitcoin platform that provides bitcoin to the south african public at the cheapest rates in the country. Our belief is that bitcoin is going to be an established global currency.

A new bitcoin brokerage called bitdirect has opened its doors in south africa. The brokerage buys bitcoin on behalf of its customers from international digital currency.

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Bitdirect south africa

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