Bitcoin dollar collapse

Bitcoin dollar collapse

  ask bitcoin fans about this risk and many will laugh at the idea of pathetic governments trying to stop the unstoppable. This sounds a bit overoptimistic to non-revolutionary ears, of course. Electricity replaced whale oil, digital cameras replaced film, online retailers replaced book stores, and so on.

A new forecast from a chief morgan stanley executive claims the dollar is due for a severe crash that could benefit bitcoin in a major way.

  bitcoin investor and keiser report host max keiser increased his bitcoin price prediction from 100k to 400k. Keiser said the increase in bitcoins value will coincide with the usd collapse.

  the reason why bitcoin is skyrocketing is because theres hyperinflation in america. And the us dollar is in a hyperinflationary collapse against bitcoin. And the solution, as weve been describing by these policymakers, will always be to print more money. So that means that bitcoin is on a one-way trip higher because they have no other policy solution than to print money.

And bitcoin, while still successful, misses its chance to conquer the global monetary system. The other day i mentioned this concern to a very smart, highly committed bitcoin fan, and his response (im paraphrasing a bit) was those other coins are trash.

  the economist wholeheartedly believes theres a 50 chance the dollar could collapse by the end of next year.

  it doesnt learn new tricks or become more versatile with a new app. Bitcoin has talents no precious metal or fiat currency can ever dream of having on their own. In this economic war of attrition, where economies like greece, cyprus, argentina, venezuela, and zimbabwe collapse into ruin, expect gold and bitcoin to stand tall.

  german-finnish internet entrepreneur kim dotcom recently tweeted that he, along with many economists, predict that the us dollar will eventually collapse under the heavy national debt burden. Crypto and precious metals will go up when everything else falls.

Nor is it just bitcoin, the dollars value in euros fell from 0. Thus, i calculate the the dollar lost around 7 of its buying power in a year.

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Bitcoin dollar collapse

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Bitcoin dollar collapse
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