Binance scalping bot github

Binance scalping bot github

Crypto trading bots in python - triangular arbitrage, beginner & advanced cryptocurrency trading bots written in python - roibalcryptocurrency-trading-bots-python-beginner-advance.

Automated binance trading bot - buy lowsell high with stop loss limittrade multiple cryptocurrencies - chrisleekrbinance-trading-bot.

The bot acquires the 150 most recent candles from binance based on the symbol typed in by the user, and then runs on one or more from the strategies described below. It will try to buy in the right time as defined by the strategy and sell as well. Methodolodgy - each entry strategy corresponds to its similary-named exit strategies. For example, rsi entry strategy will enter into position that.

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Why? This script was inspired by the observation that all cryptocurrencies pretty much behave in the same way. When one spikes, they all spike, and when one takes a dive, they all do.

Market neutral basket trading bot for binance futures the algorithm of the bot the bot tracks discrepancies in real time (for selected futures contracts from the general list) and automatically generates currency groups for long and short baskets.

  the excel trading bot is a tool designed to execute trading signals from my tradingview script ultimate crypto trading strategy into binance exchange. (more exchanges to come in the future) it executes buy or sell signals from a trading view without user supervision, making it really useful for executing orders 247.

Deltabot-best binance pump and dump bot ever is published by nostradamus77.

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Binance scalping bot github

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Binance scalping bot github

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