Big breakout ea

Big breakout ea

The big breakout ea trades the support and resistance of many different indicators like zigzag or fractals or the highlow of a certain range of candles. Zigzag breakout trades every breakout of the tops and bottoms of the zigzag indicator.

Its a ea based on a breakout through support and resistance. It works not only for currencies, but also for bitcoin, cfd, indices and others.

  the big breakout ea trades the support and resistance of many different indicators like zigzag or fractals or the highlow of a certain range of candles, total utilizes five different breakout strategies, fully integrated and coded in the logics of the robot.

Forex breakout ea a breakout method can supplement other trading patterns and offer diversification. Big breakouts are occasion driven in that they regularly show up around the release of critical facts. Minor breakouts, candle breakout ea which can be more frequent, often have a technical pull behind them.

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It comes with completely new user interface which allows users to control trading process even more easily with just single button clicks. You can close, open and manage your trades directly from the chart now. Also there is a new window with special trend calculations for each time-frame so it is easier to make decision on settings or get common sense about the.

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This ea is designed to use it as a tool to realize if there is some configurations based on breakout strategy or partial closes that can be profitable in some situation. The ea is totally free, that means that you can backtest it but you can also test it forward, in that case you better use a demo account until you are sure how to make money.

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Big breakout ea

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