Best tradingview scripts for crypto

Best tradingview scripts for crypto

This is a pine script implementation of capitalize ai volume spike strategy by bitcoin trading challenge (copied with permission). Original capital ai formula if btcusd 1 minute volume btcusd average volume in 20-1m bar by at least 500 and if btcusd is below the ma (5,1m,close) of btcusd then buy 10,000 usd worth of btcusd.

  we present you with our selection from the open-source indicators published this month on tradingview. These scripts are the ones that caught our attention while analyzing the two thousand or so scripts published each month in tradingviews public library, the greatest repository of indicators in the world.

Hello everyone, i am a heavy python programmer bringing machine learning to tradingview. This 15 minute bitcoin long strategy was created using a machine learning library and 1 year of historical data in python. Every parameter is hyper optimized to bring you the most profitable buy and sell signals for bitcoin on the 15min chart.

This script will signal long and exit signals on different timeframes based on different indicators using ha candles the script is optimized to catch trend movements as soon as possible and maximize profitability. If you want access send me a pm on tradingview or a dm in twitter cryptontez.

It allows traders and investors to create their own indicators or strategies, sometimes with just a few simple lines of code. Many of the scripts published on tradingview are original and only available to our community, most of them for free.

  the 3 best indicators for tradingview 1 tradest indicator script indicator type real-time calculation, trend measuring,.

Dear cryptuminati, many beginners wonder which indicators to use. It is not just any indicators, but those that are best suited for crypto trading. 1 stochastic rsi (stochrsi) this is the king of all crypto indicators.

The price extractor is an indicator ive been working on for awhile that involves a price oscillator derived from various moving averages combined with bollinger bands and overboughtoversold levels. This indicator is unique because it not only measures the standard deviations whenever the oscillator crosses outside the bbs but it does so at ranges that are most advantageous for the trader to.

It allows traders and investors to create their own indicators or strategies, sometimes with just a few simple lines of code. Many of the scripts published on tradingview are original and only available to our community, most of them for free.

This script plots volume bars and highlight bars that have an unusual activity, compare to the average (standard simple moving average, 50 periods). The script is useful for checking daily volume levels on equities. Where there is high volume, there is likely volatility, wich is good for day trading and swing trading entries.

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Best tradingview scripts for crypto

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Best tradingview scripts for crypto

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