Best seats in rod laver arena for tennis

Best seats in rod laver arena for tennis

The seating layout for rod laver arena changes every year so this guide will help you understand all the latest changes and seating options. The 2022 australian open is set for january 17th - 30th, so lets find you the best seats that fits your needs.

To beat the heat during the day sessions if you want to sit in the lower level, the best options are in the cat 1 seats located behind the server in sections 3-17 or 8-12. The cat 2 and 3 seats in the upper level are mostly in the shade. Rod laver arena seating options all seats on rod laver are reserved seats.

Sit on the court of rod laver arena, meters away from all of the action. With the opportunity to capture the moment with a photo on-court, this is a must for any tennis fan.

Named after an australian tennis icon, rod laver arena is the main venue for this grand slam event. Rod laver arena has a number of seats in the shade, with the category one, lower level seating providing both uninterrupted views of the action, and the comfort of constant shade.

  in the rod laver arena, i recommend seat 17, row f, section 355. Its to the right of -- and just a tad behind -- the southern-end baseline, on the side opposite the umpires chair.

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Best seats in rod laver arena for tennis

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Best seats in rod laver arena for tennis
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