Best monk tradition 5e

Best monk tradition 5e

  this monastic tradition is a very flexible way to gain access to magic as a monk without taking class levels in a caster class.

  way of the drunken master way of the drunken master is without a doubt one of the strongest options for the entire monk 5e class. Based on the tales of drunken monks using herky-jerky movement to avoid strikes, this subclass is masterful at mitigating damage.

There is a general consensus that way of the drunken master is the best of the seven traditions. Using the unpredictable movements common with drunkards, this subclass is about using misdirection to hit and run.

Cleric by way of monk, this traditions main feature is the ability to spend your ki points for healing or to deal necrotic damage similar to inflict wounds.

  re monk guide with all the current monastic traditions in 5e. (2-3 levels) warlock warlock is the most obvious multiclass for me, because warlocks are also wisdom based and the only class in 5e that gives you access to the most important abilites with as small dip of 2 or 3 levels.

  there is also a homebrew monk tradition that i adore called the way of the empty mind. Its a super fun archetype dedicated to taking the dodge action or doing very little damage on your own turn, while being able to use your reaction to counter your opponents attacks and is even able to steal minute amounts of ki from an enemy as a subclass feature.

It has excellent in and out of combat abilities that do not leave you ki starved, and without requiring you to be too high of a level before you enjoy it.

Monks make careful study of a magical energy that most monastic traditions call ki. This energy is an element of the magic that suffuses the multiversespecifically, the element that flows through living bodies. Monks harness this power within themselves to create magical effects and exceed their bodies physical capabilities, and some of their special attacks can hinder the flow of ki in their opponents.

  now its time to select the monks most favorable monastic tradition--or in other words, their subclass.

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Best monk tradition 5e

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