Best international sim card for spain

Best international sim card for spain

  buying a sim card in another country can be very expensive, but simoptions has the best alternatives to stay connected at the best prices during the whole trip.

  you can use lebara (uk or eu sim) card throughtout eurpe, no roaming but nuissance dialing countrycode, etc. Eg uk lebara sim when used in spain, to call accross street in spaon, you have to use it as long distance call country code, etc. Best to buyswitch to local country lebara after landing, until then use your sim.

  as you can see, there are a lot of great international sim cards for spanish travel. The best choice here is from orange, providing you with the most value for money on your trip.

  the vodafone yu prepaid sim card is quite popular in spain, especially with the younger crowd because of its cheap offers and promotions. Sim cards can be purchased for eur12 and come in the following packages.

Vodafone spain is the best prepaid sim card in spain in 2021! For 10 you get 16 gb data 300 minutes (inter)national calls and their data is valid all over europe! Orange is a good runner up as they pretty much offer the exact same deal.

For instance, vodafone has a 3day eurotraveller offer where youre able to use your normal uk allowances. However, for any trip longer than a couple of days, the best option is threes feel at home offer. With a pay as you go sim card from three, you can use your smartphone in spain for up to 30 days for only 10.

  best data sim card for international travel keepgo keepgo offers a prepaid international data sim card that while not the cheapest, comes out on top in terms of reliability.

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Best international sim card for spain

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