Best dispensary in dc reddit

Best dispensary in dc reddit

Which dc dispensary should i choose? Im a new dc resident here. I know what i need to get a card but not sure which one is the best.

Im going to dc in the next couple of weeks to pick up carts and maybe some bud. Anyone have a dispensary they recommend? Andor specifics carts? 4 comments.

Im headed to dc this friday and wanted to pick up some good buds. Does anyone have any recommendations on which shops i should go to? Would be much appreciated! Thanks ) 7 comments.

Any advice for someone going to dc to score some of that sticky icky. I know they cant technically sell it, its gifted with a purchase of some random swag. And seems like you need to dm the pop ups on instagram for time and location details? 7 comments.

  i already looked at the dc subreddit but i wasnt able to get a good sense of prices and options. I would love to hear about yalls experiences, prices, quality, or any informationadvice you would be willing to share.

Best legal way to obtain cannabis? Im coming in to visit this weekend, is there any legal way to obtain cannabis in washington, dc? I dont want to break any laws and risk going to jail.

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Best dispensary in dc reddit

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