Best courses after 12th pcm with high salary

Best courses after 12th pcm with high salary

Another sought after high salary courses after 12th science is bsc nursing. Offered by many institutes across the globe, the course trains students on the vital aspects of patient care including pre- and post-operative care. Running for a period of 4 years, the course graduates get a yearly salary between 29 lakhs 34 lakhs.

These are the top 10 professional courses for a pcm student after class 12 th. ) commercial pilot course merchant navy courses bachelor in computer applications (b.).

Commercial pilots one of the most pursued high salary courses after completing pcm is the training for a commercial pilot. With rapid globalisation, the aviation industry has seen a booming rise in the demand for pilots.

Students who have studied pcm as main subjects in the 12th class can also choose engineering as a career.

Some well known management courses to do after 12th are-bba (bachelor of business administration) bms (bachelor of management studies) integrated bba mba program (5 years duration) bhm (bachelor of hotel management) retail management (diploma) 5 bachelor of architecture.

You have pursue various professional courses so as to understand how the industry works and also to obtain the practical experience. We bring before you a list of few courses which you may pursue after class 12, so as to obtain high salaried jobs.

4 years (includes eight semesters) national level entrance test iit-jee, gate, upsee, bitsat and entrance test.

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Best courses after 12th pcm with high salary

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Best courses after 12th pcm with high salary
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