Best conference phone for small business

Best conference phone for small business

  the cisco unified ip conference station 8832 is a modern conferencing phone with a full color backlit display. It can support large meetings, and caters for up to 26 attendees with a microphone.

  best conference room phone for small spaces poly ip 5000 ah, the conference room spider phone, also sometimes referred to as the star phone.

  while the polycom soundstation vtx 1000 is an example of a classic old-school conference phone, the konftel 300ipx is a brilliant example of a modern conference phone.

Although more expensive than the other phones in this blog, the polycom soundstation ip 6000 is still a best-in-class conference phone with superior voice quality. One might take issue with the fact that the phone only supports a single sip line, but most conference phones dont switch between accounts as rapidly as a desk phone might.

  skype is a great choice for video and international conference calls. One of the biggest benefits of skype is that it is free to call other skype users and a huge number of business owners already have it. Skype comes from a reliable, trusted software company microsoft.

  best for small offices xblue x16 small business phone system buy on amazon buy on staples buy on walmart xblues x16 is perfect for small offices as it comes with four telephones. Each phone features a digital speakerphone, which is a nice touch.

All of them have hd audio, multiple lines, color screens, and poe.

  gotomeeting is one of the best paid conference call services that ive seen. They offer straightforward, high-quality solutions for small business conference calls without a bunch of distracting features. One standout feature is their all-in-one hardware and software kit.

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Best conference phone for small business

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