August moon buffet price

August moon buffet price

At august moon, we strive to provide our guests with outstanding dining experience each and every time you honor us by your visit. Our courteous staffs with their attentive and friendly service are extended to each of our guest in our stylish contemporary asian setting. Your dining experience at our new facility is truly in a class by itself.

  egg fu young is basically a chinese omelet and has the shape and the look of the fu young flower. Entree includes 1 crab rangoon, fried or white rice, eggspring roll or soup (wonton soup, egg drop soup, or hot & sour soup) chicken egg fu young.

Gratuities out of respect for our guests, august moon will not automatically add gratuities to any check of any size.

99 beef beef is considered a delicacy in asia due to its premium price and rareness. We use usda approved and inspected quality fresh beef, not frozen. Entree includes 1 crab rangoon, fried or white rice eggspring roll or soup. B1 pepper steak sliced tender beef sauteed with green pepper and yellow onion.

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August moon - home - murray, kentucky - menu, prices, restaurant reviews facebook. People talk about chinese food, mongolian beef and fortune cookie.

August moon - home - murray, kentucky - menu, prices, restaurant reviews facebook.

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August moon buffet price

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