Audio sounds like in a tunnel audacity

Audio sounds like in a tunnel audacity

  that sounds very much like some sort of noise reduction or the related effect, echo cancellation. Going purely from the sound id guess that it has been applied by the windows sound enhancements, though its possible that (too much) noise reduction has been applied by software after the recording was made.

  i have used audacity for several years to do a weekly radio program. Three years ago i switched computers from vista to win 7 (64 bit). Now all of those old programs sound like they were recorded in a tunnel on any device ive tried.

  ive got a snowball with a homemade pop filter in front of it, but i still sound like im in a tunnel. Ive been playing around with compression, but i dont know anything about audio so im not sure how to even describe my problem, let alone figure out how to fix it. Hoping someone can identify this tunnel sound for me and school me in the.

  try with control panel, hardware and sound, sound, click on speakers then press the properties button. Check all four tabs and make sure you have not applied any enhancement that is causing that sound effect.

So when i record audio without anything playing in the background (im using a headset) it records fine i sound crisp. But say i play a game and record audio, the audio recording sounds like im in a tunnel and i echo, this still happens even if i turn down the headset volume to zero so the mic cant hear it.

  im using a sterling audio condenser mic wphantom power and the vocal tracks sound like im in weird sort of tin chamber! Is there someway to adjust that sound within the programsoftware or is it maybe because im in my office wno padded walls and such? Ive never tried to record with good quality before and am a rookie at this part of things so id love any advice! Thanks.

To make audio sound like its coming from another room in audacity, add a reverb plug-in. When you need help, sweetwater has the answers! Our knowledge base contains over 28,000 expertly written tech articles that will give you answers and help you get the most out of your gear.

Solved hi i have a rode stereo mic that was attached to my camera while doing an interview.

While offered as freeware, audacity has many of the capabilities of professional digital audio workstations, and over the years it has been tweaked to perform with the same polish as high-end recording software programs.

  to make voices sound like are coming from a radio is really simple in audacity. Using a combination of the equalization effect and a high pass filter you can.

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Audio sounds like in a tunnel audacity

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