Audacity capital training fee

Audacity capital training fee

The program includes a fee which covers your study material, mentor and one-to-one training sessions with our esteemed floor trader.

We have a one-off joining fee of 199, as well as a monthly platform fee of 99. They are to cover expenses such as data, technology, and administration.

What happens after the training is complete? Is there a fee to join the hidden talents program? Where is it based? See more.

Audacity capital itself does not carry out any regulated activities, the only exclusive activities we carry is prop trading and professional training and consequently is not required to be authorised by the regulatory authority. All of audacity capitals preferred clearer do conduct regulated activities and are authorised to do so by regulatory authority.

  audacity capitals program begins with the hidden talents program. It is a unique trading program that includes training, mentoring, and a funded account on passing the challenge. Traders can learn, trade, challenge themselves, and get inspired to win unlimited rewards and benefits. The program is the beginning of a better tomorrow and excellent earnings.

  martin discuss his experience with trading and hidden talents program , martin joined the program last a couple of months he is already doing well.

This subscription fee must be paid in advance so that traders can keep using a funded trading account. This is never a live funded trading account but a paper trading account. So youre actually paying in order to paper trade an account. It is never clear whether the firm has a live funded account in reality. Additionally, audacity capital does not tell traders in advance how much theyll.

Initially i was told i would receive training from them (which i did not). Only received access to their trading platform, which is a platform you can get for free from spread betting companies.

  forex proprietary trader funded trading account audacity capital has a world-renowned reputation for funding and backing profitable traders.

Create beautiful online forms, surveys, quizzes, and so much more. Never get a margin call again! Fill out this short form to see if you qualify for up to 500,000 in forex trader funding.

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Audacity capital training fee

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